On Hope

    Hope is to… Be inspired to make a difference Cut the shackles of fear or despair Try something new and uncertain Believe in random acts of kindness Take a risk Love      

From This to That

Every moment, there’s an enormous possibility of something coming out of nothing. Presence allows us to notice and appreciate every moment. Sit. Breathe. See how you feel. Honor your emotions, but don’t chew on the story – let go of the narrative. It’s easy to tighten around anxieties and fear.  Do not drag the past … More From This to That


We all make mistakes. Everyone does. When regret fills our heart, it is time to forgive ourselves. When resentment fills our heart, it is time to forgive others. A short  meditation can bring awareness to corners of our psyche hiding regret, by saying “I forgive myself” and observe what arises from these three simple words. … More Forgiveness

Goals vs Dreams

A long time ago, while driving towards the Mid-Hudson Bridge, the LED traffic alert sign above the road read, Goals are dreams with deadlines. One early morning, someone chose to put an inspirational quote so thousands of commuters could see it, and this anonymous person deserved a big hug. It’s easy to let the mind … More Goals vs Dreams


To go with the flow, without attachment, is the definition of equanimity. Whatever life brings, whatever arises, whether it is success or failure, happiness or sorrow, delight or despair, disappointment or satisfaction, loss or gain, equanimity cultivates presence, vigilance, and strength. Equanimity is a refuge, deeply rooted within, filled with insight. Equanimity is like the … More e·qua·nim·i·ty

Winter Solstice

           Today marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  Since neolithic times, it has been celebrated and honored as a sacred time of renewal and rebirth.            It is a day to acknowledge our shadows, heal our wounds, release old thought patterns, and … More Winter Solstice

The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Embracing uncertainties, whether rooted in the outward or inward realms, is the way of the warrior. The Spiritual Warrior sees this as opportunity rather than an obstacle, and welcomes the growth and inner strength gained by the challenge. The Spiritual Warrior embraces the void, the “unknowingness,” and develops a deep understanding of the process, thus becoming aware. This self-awareness defines the … More The Path of the Spiritual Warrior