Ending the Year in Mindfulness


Below are ten questions to help you turn the page on 2015 and welcome the new year.

1 – What are five items that I’m grateful for?

2 – In 2015, what did I start, realize, accomplish, succeed?

3 – What was my biggest mistake in 2015? What did I learn from it?

4 – What was my greatest source of stress in the past year? How can I improve the situation in 2016?

5 – In the next year, what would I like to change? What is the first step to accomplish it?

6 – To start the year with a lighter heart, who do I have to forgive or what do I need to be forgiven for?

7 – What is my greatest fear?

8 – What is my greatest dream in 2016?

9 – If I had one word to choose to guide me in the next year, what would it be?

10 – If I had one wish for humanity and our planet in 2016, what would it be?

Translated from this article.

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