Winter Solstice

SErver 092           Today marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  Since neolithic times, it has been celebrated and honored as a sacred time of renewal and rebirth.
           It is a day to acknowledge our shadows, heal our wounds, release old thought patterns, and clarify our intentions. By embracing our deepest, darkest fears, we can move forward in our lives. The Winter Solstice allows us to turn the page on the year that is ending, and align ourselves with our life’s purpose for the upcoming new year. It is also a moment to welcome back the sun and honor its return.
          Today, take time to stop and be quiet for a few minutes. Sit in silence in the darkness of this space. Let this space be a safe enclosure of creative gestation for you. Reassess your connection. Ask questions and listen to the answers, without judgment.
           Click here for Winter Solstice rituals ideas.


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