Rev. Myriam Bouchard, Interfaith Minister, was trained by Rabbi Gilberman from the New Seminary, New  York City. His motto was “Never instead of… always in addition to.” This was also the heart of the mission statement of the New Seminary and later of The All Faiths International Seminary, which he also founded. He advocated the study of all faiths and religions, not to replace our personal traditions, but to expand our knowledge, appreciation, and love for people of all spiritual paths.

Myriam was ordained in 1988. Since then, she has officiated weddings, assisted births and passings, named babies, and created rituals for those experiencing losses.

Myriam believes in the sacredness of Life. She honors its challenges and beauty in all its forms. She understands we need to find meaning at times when there is none to find. She also enjoys underlying major life events in a sacred way that is meaningful to each individual.

Myriam volunteers at Hudson Valley Hospice, to provide comfort, support, and companionship to terminally ill patients and their families. She is a certified end-of-life Doula, providing vigil for the dying, and member of INELDA.

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