Goals vs Dreams

IMG_1726A long time ago, while driving towards the Mid-Hudson Bridge, the LED traffic alert sign above the road read, Goals are dreams with deadlines. One early morning, someone chose to put an inspirational quote so thousands of commuters could see it, and this anonymous person deserved a big hug.

It’s easy to let the mind wander in place of endless possibilities, to dream of whatever suits our fancy. However, to settle on one thought and anchor it in time, by a finite date, is committing and can be scary. Yet, it’s the only way that dreams can manifest in reality.

Committing requires an acceptance of a potential failure, as no outcome is guaranteed, regardless of the effort and intent. Embracing this possibility can raise feelings of shame or inadequacy, as nobody likes to fail. It is by experiencing these resistances in mindfulness that one can be free of enjoying the process of trying to achieve a goal, without attachment to the outcome.

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