The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Rocks and WaterEmbracing uncertainties, whether rooted in the outward or inward realms, is the way of the warrior. The Spiritual Warrior sees this as opportunity rather than an obstacle, and welcomes the growth and inner strength gained by the challenge. The Spiritual Warrior embraces the void, the “unknowingness,” and develops a deep understanding of the process, thus becoming aware. This self-awareness defines the Spiritual Warrior.

Embracing uncertainties requires letting go of expected outcomes. It requires reflection, surrender, trust, and openness. This vulnerability defines the Spiritual Warrior.

The Spiritual Warrior lives in the moment, aware the actions completed in the present defines the future. Thus is the way of the warrior.

Click here for an interesting article from Tricyle by Pema Chodron entitled “The In-between State.”

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