Adversity and Loving-Kindness Meditation

Terrorism creates agony, anguish, despair, and confusion. It is a morbid reminder of humanity’s frailties. Yet, more than ever, these are the moments when loving-kindness meditation helps the most. A Buddhist meditation, loving-kindness helps bring positive attitudinal change, transforming hatred, freeing pain, and changing old habituated negative patterns of the mind. There are a few … More Adversity and Loving-Kindness Meditation

Embrace Fear

During a moment of vulnerability and openness, fear has a way of sneaking from the darkest corners of our psyche and ruin moments of pure bliss, connectivity, and sharing. Resistance is futile, as Carl Jung once stated “What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.” What’s left? Surrender and embrace. By embracing … More Embrace Fear

Being Vulnerable

To be open and vulnerable, to let the world come in, to let others come in and see us for who we truly are, to let our emotions rise and fall without restrain, is perhaps one of the greatest of our many challenges as humans. Yet, without this vulnerability, we are lifeless… our purpose of being, … More Being Vulnerable

Day of the Dead

“Without the awareness of death, everything is ordinary, trivial. It is only because death is stalking us that the world is an unfathomable mystery.” Don Juan in Tales of Power, by Carlos Castaneda Day of the Dead

Why Rituals?

We all have small rituals in our day-to-day life, from the way we make our morning coffee to brushing our teeth. Such is human nature. Honoring the sacred in your life with a ritual helps anchor meaning and memory. Human history is dotted with a multitude of rituals, yet it is easy to lose touch with … More Why Rituals?