We all make mistakes. Everyone does. When regret fills our heart, it is time to forgive ourselves. When resentment fills our heart, it is time to forgive others.

A short  meditation can bring awareness to corners of our psyche hiding regret, by saying “I forgive myself” and observe what arises from these three simple words. Observe, without judgment, the emotions, beliefs, thoughts, sensations that arise. Continue concentrating on the words “I forgive myself.” This process may take many days, weeks, maybe longer. It’s also an exercise that can be done periodically.

Slowly, you will notice some change in your self-compassion for regrets you may have about your past. Moreover, by forgiving yourself, an acceptance of one’s humanity surfaces. By forgiving yourself, you become freer.

You can also create a meditation where your focus is to forgive someone in particular, someone who hurt you, someone you resent. Again, observe what arises, without judgment. This process can be done daily or as you see fit.

Forgiveness creates space for love, of ourselves and others. Forgiveness opens our hearts, again.

Here is an interesting article on The Power of Forgiveness.

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