While brewing a cup of tea, I stumbled upon an inspiring message. It reminded me that oftentimes, the simplest events reveal the deepest lessons of wisdom. One has to be present and alert to see the opportunities.


Transitions are difficult. Whether it is a change of employment, a move, the start (or end) of a relationship, transitions are stressful as we are faced with the unknown. A sudden turning point can be an opportunity to let go of old habits or belief system. Transitions allow us to shed familiar yet limiting patterns, … More Transitions

Before Death

During the end-of-life Doula training offered by Hospice, we discussed how important it is to take care of the RUGS before our last moments of life. RUGS is an acronym for Regrets Unfinished businesses Guilt Shame It’s always best to work towards the resolution of unfinished businesses by handling conflicts and misunderstandings as you go. … More Before Death

On Hope

    Hope is to… Be inspired to make a difference Cut the shackles of fear or despair Try something new and uncertain Believe in random acts of kindness Take a risk Love      

From This to That

Every moment, there’s an enormous possibility of something coming out of nothing. Presence allows us to notice and appreciate every moment. Sit. Breathe. See how you feel. Honor your emotions, but don’t chew on the story – let go of the narrative. It’s easy to tighten around anxieties and fear.  Do not drag the past … More From This to That


We all make mistakes. Everyone does. When regret fills our heart, it is time to forgive ourselves. When resentment fills our heart, it is time to forgive others. A short  meditation can bring awareness to corners of our psyche hiding regret, by saying “I forgive myself” and observe what arises from these three simple words. … More Forgiveness