Rituals Improve Your Life

Oct. 09 045Excerpt from a TIME magazine researched-based article.

The #1 ritual to do every day is: use more rituals. Science is realizing that often just having a ritual is the important part — and it’s been validated in a number of studies.

What matters is that it’s your ritual and that you actually do it. The best rituals come from your heart.

  • Savoring Ritual: Make the good times better by having something you do to focus on the good things. Share good news with a partner or have a regular mealtime with your family.
  • Grief Ritual: When something has you down, write about your feelings. It’ll reduce the pain and help you cope.
  • Personal Starting Ritual: Beat anxiety and procrastination by having a fun ritual that says it’s time to get to work.
  • Peak Performance Ritual: If it makes you feel lucky, you will be lucky. Rituals increase confidence and performance.

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