Before Death


During the end-of-life Doula training offered by Hospice, we discussed how important it is to take care of the RUGS before our last moments of life. RUGS is an acronym for
Unfinished businesses

It’s always best to work towards the resolution of unfinished businesses by handling conflicts and misunderstandings as you go. By spending your time doing the things that matter most to you, with the people you love and care about, and making the necessary changes in your life when feeling frustrated, you are likely to avoid regrets. Unfinished businesses that carry guilt and shame are harder to tackle, but important to avoid feeling burdened.

Unfortunately, even in the best of lives well lived, not everyone has a chance to do this. During our last moments of life, before death gives an unfinished aspect to it, is a time to surrender to make amends, forgive, ourselves first and then others, and to make sure nothing is swept under the rug, for ourselves and for those we love.


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